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Tips for Mountain Climbing (To find the cave of the Oracle): Oracles


I did an exercise this week that focused on people noticing the “essence” of an individual. Those qualities that radiate off a person when they walk in the door or when you simply sit down to talk with them. I guided them to identify the qualities for each other and then they were generous enough to identify mine. It was fun to hear “playful”, confirming to hear “warm” and “good Capitan”, what was powerful though was to hear “Oracle”. Let me define this a little though – it wasn’t, as they said that I “gave them answer” it was that I “helped them find the answers within ourselves”.

That is what Oracles have been doing for thousands of years. Oracles tap into the symbols of another person, they unearth the mystical bones within the other person, and “cast” the dice into the air so that the person can see exactly how they need to fall before they hit the ground. Oracles have never been magical – they simply tapped into that place of inner knowing, connecting that place between themselves and the person they are working with.

While that may sound mystical it’s not.


O: Overview – Find the patterns in the story that is in front of you and make them transparent

R: Relationships – Connect the relationships in the pattern and build the understanding of what has set those patterns into motion.

A: Ask/Assist – Ask the other what surfaces as these connections are made, what feedback are they getting from their body, their hearts, their minds, and their spirits – Assist them in hearing the guidance they already have.

C: Clarify – Work with them to clarify what action steps they need to take to follow that guidance. Help them break down “larger” shifts into small actionable steps that will allow them to reach their desired outcomes.

L: Listen – Listen to the barriers that show up in the form of considerations, fears, and real life obstacles. Listen to them with full attention and allow them to find themselves in that listening. To become curious both about their own natures as well as their own possibilities. Listen for their possibilities.

E: Expand – Work with them to expand on what is possible. See what is possible within them and BELIEVE in that possibility even when they don’t.

And then case the bones again….

That is what Oracles have been doing. It’s not mystical. It’s not complex. It is simply Being Present for Possibility and having faith in yourself and the other person to make that possibility real.

So to all the other Oracles out there – – I believe in you. I know what you are capable of. And together we are, yes, we are, Being the Difference.