Monthly Archives: September 2017

Listen to an Unfolding of Myself

I’m going to pretend I’m not writing for anyone.
For a moment, I am going to write as if… I were simply listening
Listening to the unfolding of my own self
Perhaps though, really, I am not the one listening
It is in fact you, the person reading these words, listening to the unfolding of me.
It doesn’t matter that I know I’m planning on posting this on the Being the Difference page. What matters is that I am transparent in my process.
I ran through a demonstration of Brief Solution Focused Therapy for two of my classes today and then had them try their hand at it… the process of helping another person first define a problem in their own terms with no need to change or alter their definition. Then assisting them in noticing places in their lives where the problem is not as severe or lessened. Starting the process of helping them realize that they are not the problem. The problem is something that shows up to varying degrees but it is not inextricable from them. Finally bringing in the Miracle Question: What if you woke up tomorrow and the problem was gone. What would be different about your life.
Working with them to see where in their life, there are already exceptions. Where in their life they actually function without the problem walking with them side by side.
The demonstration was smooth and easy. Hundreds if not thousands of hours of listening without inserting my agenda paying off, the ability to use the slightest nuance of a word or gesture to tilt the boat of language towards a horizon of possibility….
Mastery… the art of becoming the form…
Shu… the first steps of learning the form following every rule – that is where my students are
Ha… Once the art has been mastered innovating it… making it your own… that is where my therapists are for the most part
Ri… Mastery… where one can be the form… while I cannot always do it… for one brief moment… I was… I was the listener and the person listened to all at once…
I cannot say I have mastered Brief Solution Focused Therapy…
However I believe… for a moment today I was in flow… simply allowing my “self” to watch silently… in that moment I was in a state of Ri
For this I am eternally grateful…
Now… Now I can remember that others are reading these words. That you have been listening.
Now… I can turn to you and thank you for listening to my revelation… my recognition… and to say to you…
With eyes in full contact with yours…
Should you ever need someone to listen to you…
As you have just done for me
To witness an unfolding of an aspect of yourself
Call me… find me… and I will Listen