Soul Translations

What is a Soul Translation:  

A Soul Translation is a journey into the essence of who you are as a person.  Joshua will spend 50-70 minutes exploring who you are, what motivates, critical moments in your life, and how you aspire to be in the world.  Following this exploration Joshua will take the material and write the Soul Translation itself in a format that resembles both poetry and a story.  Soul Translations look below the surface of the words spoken to make your own journey through this world transparent – often providing a catalyst for healing, growth, affirmation, and fueling recipients with the confidence of understanding themselves at a deeper level motivating them to re-commit themselves to their purpose and chosen paths.   The Soul Translation is a completely unique service that at this time, no one else offers.


 I am so overwhelmed with emotion by your soul translation. It took me several reads to be able to read it straight through. Bless you for your beautiful work! – Regina Skarzinskas

Joshua is like none other. Seriously. I have met many healers in my life time. But I have never met a Joshua with his gifts. His soul translation is like none other. What he saw in me has forever has me riveted. In fact what he shared with me is being put into some kind of place where I can read it always when I want to see myself and see where I came from. Its a gift you have Joshua that I want you to share with the Universe.   – Ming Chee – Reiki for Furbabies

“He really expressed who you are!” said a friend when I shared Joshua’s poems. What a precious thing — to be heard, and known, and have it reflected back to you, in poetry, no less!! Working with Joshua is like looking into a magic mirror that not only highlights your unique beauty, but also makes beautiful the scars and wrinkles and lumpy places you’ve tried to hide away. Thank you, Joshua, for giv…ing me the gift of seeing myself in a new and heart-opening way. It was the perfect step on my journey of self-acceptance and self-love. ~ Leslie H.

Dear Joshua,
Thank you for the beautiful and very moving “Soul Translation.” You were able to take a peep into a window in my soul, with all its bruises and fragility. Your words exemplify the innate power of my feelings at many moments in my life. You were able to banish some very dark moments and allowed the light, and beauty in. During our conversation we seemed to chase back through the years, and you were able to capture or maybe recapture some of the joy I did live.  I read the stories you have written for me, and I savor them as I journey back to another time with me. Your stories for me feel like a reaffirmation of the life I have lived. With gratitude – Candy


The exchange for the Soul Translation is 150 dollars.  This includes the verbal exploration of the self with Joshua, the time it takes for Joshua to write the translation, and to make edits connected to the Soul Translation as needed.  The Soul Translation is a one of kind service, which from a time perspective is valued at 400-500 dollars – based upon what Joshua would make in a similar time frame providing traditional therapeutic and/or coaching services he is qualified to provide.

About Joshua: Joshua worked as a therapist and supervisor to therapist for children and families in the Los Angeles area for seventeen years.  He has moved back to the Midwest and has been focused on a number of exciting projects including What is your H Factor (Hero Factor) and Dear Super Josh.  Joshua also provides facilitation for Mastermind Groups, workshops on goal setting, communication, and parenting, Joshua also has created and provides workshops for children and adults about Being the Difference.