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Declutter The Mind is free to use, but if you’re looking to support our small team and level-up your meditation practice, we offer Declutter The Mind Plus.

What’s inside Plus

Courses for every goal and step of your journey

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Sometimes floating between different guided meditation practices can feel unproductive. That’s why we’ve put together courses to help guide you through your journey of learning how to meditate and deepening your practice.

We offer a growing library of courses. Everything from a 30-day beginner course to a 30-day advanced course.

A new guided meditation everyday

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The Daily Meditation feature within the app makes it easy to get into a guided meditation practice. Just open the app and follow the day’s meditation practice. It’s even easier now to add meditation to your daily routine.

Today you’ll find a unique practice. Tomorrow you’ll find something else. You’ll explore and learn different practices and keep things fresh so you don’t grow tired or bored of meditation.

Plus a lot more

As Declutter The Mind grows, you’ll get access to everything planned in the future and a say in helping us shape the app.



$ 8
per month

Save 20%


$ 80
per year

Declutter The Mind is completely free to use. No trials, no credit cards, no ads. Declutter The Mind Plus simply unlocks more and gives people a way to support us so we can keep creating. Cancel at any time.

400+ Free Meditation Practices

See our growing library of free guided meditation practices, courses, and daily meditation practices.

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