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Guided Meditation

Learn and maintain a regular practice with these free guided meditations. These guided meditations are for the beginner, novice and experienced practitioner. Whether you’re looking for assistance with your mindfulness practice, or are looking to reduce your stress and anxiety, Declutter The Mind offers various styles of meditation to suit the right goal of your practice.

What is guided meditation?

Guided meditation is a meditative practice that uses a teacher or experienced practitioner to walk you through a meditation. There are often prompts in between moments of silence that can help remind you to bring your attention back from being lost in thoughts, as well as pacing the practice for you. Guided meditation is useful for both beginners and experienced people that practice meditation.
Meditation essentials


Here’s where to start if you’re a beginner but also if you’re experienced, our meditation essentials collection will include courses and quick daily guided meditations.

Guided meditation for beginners
Guided mindfulness meditation


Mindfulness meditation is the practice of focusing on the present to calm the monkey mind. This collection of guided meditations will serve as a reminder to focus on the breath and physical sensations whenever the mind wanders.

Guided mindfulness meditation
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Thinking and focusing on the future can create a lot of anxious thoughts and anxiety. These guided meditations will help you focus on the present, as well as notice and let go of anxious thoughts.

Guided meditation for anxiety
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Create the conditions for a stress-free mind with these easy to follow guided meditations that will take you to the present and relax you.

Guided meditation for stress
Guided meditation for sleep


Guided meditations to help you prepare for a good nights rest. Whether you’re suffering from insomnia, restless nights, or difficulty falling asleep, relax your body and clear your mind.

Guided meditation for sleep
Guided meditation for cravings

Cravings and addiction

Create the conditions for a stress-free mind with these easy to follow guided meditations that will take you to the present and relax you.

Guided meditation for cravings and addiction
Guided meditation for anger


Mindfulness and regular meditation helps with anger management and better control of intense (and unproductive) emotions such as rage and resentment. Learn how to control your emotions in a healthy way by becoming interest in anger as an emotion, and the process of reducing it.

Guided meditation for anger
Guided meditation for focus


Use meditation to practice and improve your focus with guided meditations. Whether you’re looking to improve your focus for work, school, or daily tasks, meditation is like going to the gym for your mind.

Guided meditation for focus
Unguided meditation timer


Guided meditations aren’t the only way to meditate. Learn how to do unguided meditation using a meditation timer, and meditate anywhere when you need it the most.

Meditation timer
Loving-kindness meditation


Metta Bhavana, known also as loving-kindness meditation, is a meditation technique all about compassion, respect and acknowledging those around us.

Guided loving-kindness meditation
Body scan meditation

Body scan

Scan your attention down your body, from the top of your head to your toes.

Guided body scan meditation
Mindful eating

Mindful eating

Mindfulness can be applied anywhere, even to something as simple as eating. This simple practice will help you slow down and enjoy your food.

Guided meditation for mindful eating
Guided meditation for insomnia


Guided practice before bed to help you deal with insomnia.

Guided meditation for insomnia
Guided meditation for relaxation


Use meditation to relax and unwind from the stresses and worries of the day.

Guided meditation for relaxation
Guided meditation for clarity


Clear your mind fog and gain more clarity in your day-to-day life with a guided practice that helps you concentrate.

Guided meditation for clarity
Guided meditation for PTSD


Meditation is a way to support treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. See a doctor before starting any regular practice to help you manage PTSD symptoms.

Guided meditation for PTSD
Guided meditation for morning


Start your morning on the right foot by incorporating a meditation practice into your morning routine.

Guided meditation for morning
Breathing meditation


Stop and take some time to breathe. Mindful breathing is a way to take a quick break from the momentum of daily life and help improve your mood.

Guided meditation for breathing
a person walking across a lush green field.

Mindful walking

Mindful walking around nature or in the city is a different way to practice mindfulness while being physically active. You don’t need to sit down in one spot to practice mindfulness. Get up and move!

Guided walking meditation
Guided meditation for gratitude


Practice feelings of thankfulness and gratitude to increase your feelings of happiness, well being, and calm.

Guided meditation for gratitude
Guided meditation for concentration


Whether you’re having a hard time maintaining your concentration for long periods of time, or you’re struggling to concentrate at all, there’s a guided practice to teach you how to concentrate.

Guided meditation for concentration
Guided meditation for overthinking


Overthinking is an experience that pulls us out of the present moment for long periods of time and robs us of living. These guided practices teach you to live more mindfully.

Guided meditation for overthinking
guided meditation for grief


When you lose someone or something, grief can be one of the most intense emotions. A guided meditation for grief and loss can help you get through this process.

Guided meditation for grief
a single orange flower in the middle of a field.


Bring peace to your mind and body with this simple practice.

Guided meditation for peace
a large sunflower in a field of sunflowers.


Lift your spirit and boost your mood with a guided practice designed to evoke feelings of joy and happiness.

Guided meditation for happiness
a mountain covered in snow and surrounded by trees.


Pain in life is inevitable but suffering doesn't need to be. Use mindfulness to manage suffering better.

Guided meditation for suffering
a girl is sitting at a table writing on a book.


Lift your spirit and boost your mood with a guided practice designed to evoke feelings of joy and happiness.

Guided meditation for studying
a man sitting on a rock looking at the water.


Learn to manage the feelings of sadness with mindfulness and meditation.

Guided meditation for sadness
a woman sitting on a dock looking out at the water.


Manage the thoughts and feelings of depression with a meditation practice.

Guided meditation for depression
a woman making a heart shape with her hands.


Practice self-love with a simple meditation session.

Guided meditation for self-love
a man with his arm around his wrist.


Deal with physical and emotional pain in a healthy way through guided meditation.

Guided meditation for pain
a close up of a plant with the sun in the background.


Use meditation to help heal emotional pain such as grief, loss, and mental suffering.

Guided meditation for healing
mental health

Mental Health

Manage your mental health symptoms on your own terms through guided meditation.

Guided meditation for mental health


Try a guided meditation to help you cope with the aftermath of a breakup or heart break.

Guided meditation for heartbreak


Tackle the feeling of loneliness with this quick guided meditation practice.

Guided meditation for loneliness
positive energy

Positive Energy

Attract more positive energy into your life with this guided meditation.

Guided meditation for positive energy
short meditation


Not enough time in the day? No worries. Try out this short guided meditation practice.

Short guided meditation
new year

New Year

Have a happy new year with the help of this guided meditation for new year.

Guided meditation for new year

400+ Free Meditation Practices

See our growing library of free guided meditation practices, courses, and daily meditation practices.

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